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Motors for rollshutters

Actuator - a single-phase kondesatorny engine, equipped with mechanical limit switches, gears and an electromagnetic brake. Some models are equipped with extra engines with an emergency manual opening to control the roller shutter in case of emergency, when there is a power outage. The electric motor is installed inside the shaft, which ensures its rotation and movement, respectively fabric blinds.

The actuators must be used for buildings and homes with lots of windows or just for convenient and comfortable control roller shutter, which is sufficient touch of a button switch or remote control for raising and lowering the blade shutters. We offer our customers install the blinds only certifiable motors from leading manufacturers, the companies «Nice». As an economy version of our company began selling electric Russian manufacturer brand «RollHan». Results of testing and use of electric «RollHan» in practice have shown the reliability of the data drives and full compliance with specifications, declared by the manufacturer.

Электроприводы фирмы Nice (Италия)

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Итальянская компания «Nice» представлена на нашем рынке с широкой серией электродвигателей и позволяет подобрать необходимый электропривод к любой рольставни. «Nice» является второй маркой по популярности по отношению к «Somfy».


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